6th-8th Grade: Geology Rocks! (7th Grade Science)

Ended Jun 9, 2023

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Full course description

How has Earth's crust changed over time? Become a geology rockstar to better understand rad geoscience processes! In this class, students will investigate how Earth's geosystems operate by modeling the flow of energy and cycling of matter within and among different systems. Students will research ways that geoscience processes provide resources needed by society but also cause natural hazards that present risks to society. Students will have a syllabus that will take them through a variety of online experiments to give them a basic understanding that will be enriched in our once a week live class. Enrollment in this course will result in $75 being deducted from the enrolled student's Sage Oak Instructional Fund account. Small materials fee may also apply. Please see MASTER SCHEDULE for class day/time. VLA students may only enroll in Monday classes. Enrollment: PLA FORM / VLA FORM