English 10B - Sage Syllabus


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Full course description

Studying great works of literature will include vocabulary exercises, essay writing, memorization and recitations, oral and multi-media presentations, and in-class essays. Students will receive instruction on writing research, descriptive, persuasive, and opinion essays, as well as writing poetry and short stories. Unit exams, a long-term research project, oral presentations are all included in the coursework. Instruction will include reading comprehension, writing strategies, text analysis and annotation, research, grammar and spelling mechanics, oral presentations, multi-media presentations, and more.

This rigorous course requires that students complete daily reading and homework assignments, and turn them in for evaluation every week. Parents, students, and the instructor will collaborate through the year to ensure understanding and completion. Grades will be assigned according to the student’s homework, tests and quizzes, writing assignments, presentations, and class participation.